Friends of the Library of Hawaii: 2013 Vinyl & Book Sale

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The time is near when frenzied music collectors gather in Kaka'ako to dig through what may be Honolulu's biggest annual used music (and book) sale, the Friends of the Library of Hawaii Annual Sale. Thanks to Dennie & Ward at Hungry Ear Records for the tip.

This year, the event takes place at their Kaka'ako Warehouse (same location as last year's) and will feature books, records, CDs, and lots of fingers craving to flip upon a dusty copy of that rare gem.


The music & book sale is Saturday January 19 - 21, 2013. Saturday & Sunday hours: 9am - 4pm Monday hours: 9am - 3pm (expect huge discounts on the last day!)

The FLH Sale runs Jan 19th - 21st. Doors open 9:00am!
The FLH Sale runs Jan 19th - 21st. Doors open 9:00am!

Don't miss this event!

One reason I enjoy these types of events is seeing all of Oahu's collectors gather in one place. Many come out of the woodworks to do some digging. Others are veterans who frequent practically every vinyl bin and garage sale on the island. Regardless of what you're looking for (avant-garde Russian jazz, Hawaiian disco, Japanese enka, or 1960s garage & freakbeat singles?), everyone goes home with something. And anyone who goes home empty-handed at least has a story to tell, especially if you arrive before doors open and battle your way to the Collector's Corner, where you'll wrangle out rare LPs amidst scores of elbows.

Do you remember last year's sale?

Here's a visual recap of last year's FLH warehouse sale to give your saliva glands a workout:

FLH Music Sale 2012-7

FLH Music Sale 2012
Inside the Friends of the Library of Hawaii Annual Sale, about 30 minutes before the garage doors opened and collectors rushed in.
Digging through records.
Digging through records. I now know three of the five collectors pictured here thanks to Aloha Got Soul.
Barry made an appearance.
Barry made an appearance.
Ready to make a new discovery.
Ready to make a new discovery.

Have you compiled your Hawaiian vinyl wantlist yet?

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