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The Mixtapes

Mixtapes by Aloha Got Soul and others, including the classic DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks mix. Most are available for streaming on Mixcloud. 

Hawaiian SaltHawaiian Mystery Mix7 Deadly Spins - Aloha Got Soul x Jumping The GapNo Place Like Home - Aloha Got Soul x iCratesMixtape: Paradise: 1x10x100 RevisitedMixtape: 1x10x100Mixtape: Pupu MixMixtape: E komo mai! DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

The Classics

Note: All downloads below have been found online. Aloha Got Soul did not upload any of these.

Tender Leaf S/T LPSeawind S/T 1976Mackey (Macky) Feary Band S/TKalapana NorthboundMackey Feary & Nite LifeKalapana "Lava Rock""Kona Winds" by Marvin FranklinMike Lundy "The Rhythm of Life"Babadu ST LP 1979Seawind "Window of a Child"Nohelani Cypriano "In The Evening"Billy Kaui S/T

Homegrown III: “Kona Winds” by Marvin Franklin, not full compilation!

44 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Pakalolo says:

    Here’s the Tender Leaf album. Enjoy!

    Anyone have the Lil Albert lp?
    can’t find it anywhere.

  2. Mike says:

    Mahalo, you can help us post if you can. Summer – Weekends on Malibu. There is no place to get unless you live in Japan, know someone in Japan or go Japan and try to find it. Thanks

    • Scott says:

      I’ve found that album in my collection. It’s on vinyl though so you have to give me a little bit to transfer it to my computer.

  3. Bai Ling says:

    Scott, Thank you. I don’t understand why Mike want Summer? Summer not that good, only their 1st album good. Weekend on Malibu and Coconut Tango not so good. If you like classic sounds then better listen to the Home Grown Habilitat donation KKUA radio stuff if you can get somebody to convert record to a good digital format instead of those convert which sould like clipping. Those sound are classic and they should re-issue these on CD as a box set. Come on, please. Aloha

  4. Cedric says:

    Aloha from London, England! Unfortunately a bit late to find this amazing website – but keen to find a download of Nohelani’s Around Again or Babadu! Can anyone help? Ced

    • Roger Bong says:

      Aloha Cedric! Last I checked Nohelani’s album was on iTunes and eMusic. Babadu’s CD was released in Japan a few years back, but I don’t think the digital files are available anywhere. Same with the Mackey Feary Band LP :/
      Thanks for visiting the site!

  5. Cedric says:

    Thanks Roger! And nice to hear from you. I guess my quest continues, if you hear about a link to the Babadu album which was previously online please let me know. How about Aura’s album? I can’t find much about them online at all, would love to hear their album. Mahalo Nui Loa 🙂

    • Brandon says:

      I know Babadu personally as I sing in a group with his eldest daughter Keanohi (Fab 4) I’ll try to ask him if he has a copy of that album and I’ll get it uploaded 🙂

  6. acab5023 says:

    Too bad for me … I discovered this fantastic site late …. I have long been looking for the album Summer – Weekend in Malibu 1979, please as I can find, is gratified ….. Angel from Spain

  7. Neal Cooper says:

    I’m desperate for a file of Alisa Lovely by Kalapana (it is lovely) anyone know if there’s a AAC/mp3 (or ideally higher) for sale – or if there’s a cheeky DL knocking about?
    Any pointers would be appreciated.


  8. Maureen says:

    Can you add Kalapana – Hold On, Back In Your Heart Again and Full Moon Tonight please, along with re-uploading “Northbound – if at all possible!

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