Insider Look: The 2013 FLH Music & Book Sale

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The biggest used music and book sale in Honolulu is here, presented by the Friends of the Library of Hawaii. It isn't the popular McKinley sale, but "Friends, Books, Music: THE SALE", as FLH dubs it. The event takes place at their Kakaako warehouse this weekend, January 19-21, 2013. Doors open at 9:00am. FLH-2013_Panorama1-1280px

The FLH Kaka'ako Warehouse

In this huge warehouse, FLH stores thousands of books, CDs, and records. And every year they open it up to the public for their annual sale—after hauling and sorting and pricing everything, of course. I spent the past two afternoons helping Dennis Chun, FLH's vinyl records manager, move thousands of dust-covered LPs from pallets to tables.

Sunrays peered though the warehouse skylights on Wednesday, casting a beautiful light onto the collectibles below. Some 10 volunteers quietly worked to complete their tasks, whether sorting through hundreds of CDs or unboxing used books on everything from astronomy to zoology.

I snapped photos between lifting boxes. Over the sound system, a selection of Hawaiian, bossa nova, swing, and 50's pop music filled the air amidst the floating about.

And me: my hands were filthy. I need not tell you, but cardboard boxes resting on shelves in a harbor warehouse for months collect a lot of grime. No doubt there's a film of dirt on my SLR, cause I took lots of pictures.

Here's an insider look at this year's sale:

20130117-180811.jpg 20130117-181217.jpg 20130117-181408.jpg 20130117-181438.jpg 20130117-181452.jpg 20130117-181511.jpg

Why shop at THE SALE?

Firstly, you're supporting the Friends of the Library of Hawaii, and they appreciate your help! Secondly, it's one of the few annual events where collectors across the island gather for a weekend of browsing (if you're there at 9am the first day, expect more aggression than) thousands of items, some gently used, some worn, and some brand new.

In other words, events like this are scarce (thankfully, Hungry Ear launched its first annual Hawaii Record Fair to great success in 2012, and we can expect the same in 2013.) 20130117-181529.jpg

See you this weekend!

Check out photos from last year's sale, click here.

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