Hawaiian Mystery Mix: DJhistory x Aloha Got Soul


It's a mystery how the world is so closely connected. That 7 degrees of separation thing? It gets smaller all the time. Earlier in 2012 I borrowed a library book called The Record Players: DJ Revolutionaries, written by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton. Incredible book, I highly recommend it. A few months later an email arrived in my inbox, and it's from Bill Brewster. Says he wants to know if I "fancied doing one of our mystery mixes using the Hawaiian shit you've unearthed?" Why yes, of course I would. Then instantly, and in all ways mysteriously, that seven degrees evaporated into one.

Hawaiian Mystery Mixes: Muro's, Now Mine

In 2010, I unravelled the tracklist of a mystery mixtape, DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks, that inspired me to start Aloha Got Soul. The tropical wonder Muro painted with each song piqued my curiosity—why hadn't I thought to dig this stuff earlier? Several blog posts and AGS-created mixtapes later, my path has come full circle. Except this time I've got my own mystery mix to share, commissioned by Bill Brewster of DJhistory.com. And you, readers, must dig deeper to reveal what's beneath the surface. Hawaiian Mystery Mix - DJhistory x Aloha Got Soul
"If you think Hawaii is all about surfing and volcanoes then you're wrong, it’s about surfing, volcanoes and soul, jazz and funk. Roger Bong is the 50th state’s crate digger supreme, collecting records that are almost too obscure to be true. After five mixtapes in 2012, this exclusive mix for DJhistory means he goes one better than Hawaii Five-O." —DJhistory.com

Hint: You'll find some tracks on the AGS YouTube channel.

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