Nohelani Cypriano "Lihue" Music Video (1977)

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I should've seen it coming, but this surprised me: the original 1977 music video for "Lihue" by Nohelani Cypriano. Thanks to Hawaiian music collector Yoshi—whose initial upload of Brandon Bray & Brown Spice performing "Polynesian Girl" brought Ron Jacob's KKUA Home Grown TV series to life on the web—Nohelani and Dennis Graue's "Lihue" music video from 35 years ago finally finds its place in Internet history.

"We think this young lady is gonna be an emerging star of the future. Look at her now as she performs 'Lihue'". —Ron Jacobs

Nohelani Cypriano "Lihue" Music Video from 1977

An emerging star...

In 1980, Nohe won Female Vocalist of the Year at the Na Hoku Hanohano awards, Hawaii's most celebrated music awards ceremony. In 1992, she won it again. And to this day, Nohe continues to perform "Lihue", along with other classics like "Moon of Monakoora". (Listen to "Lihue" by Nohelani Cypriano in high quality audio.) This song will forever be one of Hawaii's greatest rare groove tracks, resonating with future generations of music lovers.
Nohelani Cypriano "Lihue" 1977 music video
(P.S. There's another version of "Lihue" from 1995, have you heard it yet?)

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