Pupu Mix: Free Mixtape by Aloha Got Soul x Fitted

Aloha kakou! I know you’re hungry to hear the forthcoming mixtape by Aloha Got Soul and Fitted. I know you’re curious about the details, the music, the limited tee. You can’t wait for one of the biggest releases of 2012 to drop. Neither can we.

Introducing the Pupu Mix by Aloha Got Soul and Fitted.

Pupu Mix: Aloha Got Soul x Fitted

Aloha Got Soul and Fitted give you the Pupu Mix, a free appetizer mixtape packed with Hawaiian rare grooves. Thirty minutes of quality homegrown music that’s funkier than a Hawaiian mosquito’s tweeter. Did we mention this music is from Hawaii? Born straight from the ‘aina and filled with the aloha spirit. Our local funk and soul roots run so deep through these islands, it’s a mystery why so many people today haven’t heard these grooves. That’s about to change, because every track on the Pupu Mix hits harder than the last, building to a powerful climax that proves aloha got soul.

Download it now. Put it on loud. Repeat.

(Click here for the tracklist.)

  1. […] mosquito’s tweeter. This mixtape is an appetizer to the main course: a CD and tee release by Aloha Got Soul and Fitted set to drop later this […]


  2. wow, sounds amazing!! thanks!!


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