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I'm in love with the album "Blame it on the Night" by Robert Byrne, an Alabama songwriter whose music I can listen to over and over throughout the day. His music guides the listener through a strong emotional sway with every story he creates. Each song is powerful yet gentle, persuasive yet passive, immediately memorable to those who listen closely the first time around. With each consecutive spin, the album sinks deeper into your soul.

Fabulous Krush "Blame It On The Night"

The Fabulous Krush knew this. That's why they covered "Blame It On The Night" for their self-titled release on Dove Records.

The Krush

Upon its release, Fabulous Krush propelled the band, led by singer Edwin Ramones and Hal Bradbury, to the top of Hawaii's pop music scene. The group already had a strong following, starting as the Exotic 5 then changing its name to New Experience, and then Fabulous Krush. They later dropped 'fabulous' and became The Krush.. Fabulous Krush

Making Memorable Hits (and winning awards)

Their LP, an approachable mix of disco, AOR, and soul music, gave the islands some of the most memorable hits of the day, especially "Waialua Sky", a song that brings genuine tears to those nostalgic for the days when music was pure and happy—an era when Nohelani Cypriano, C&K, and Kalapana dominated the local music scene In 1981, their eponymous album won a Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Best Album of the Year—becoming one of the few exceptions where a distinctly non-Hawaiian group earned the award.

"In the 31 years the category has existed, the winners have almost always been either a Hawaiian album or some type of contemporary hapa haole rather than something pop, jazz, rock, hip hop, "urban" or reggae." —John Berger, 2011

That Summertime Sound

With roots in Waialua, a rural North Shore town surrounded by sugar cane fields and surfing beaches, the Fabulous Krush captures that summertime sound which contemporary Hawaiian artists of the era played so well. "Blame It On The Night" is a perfect example. I hope you think so, too.

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