All You Really Need: Jonathan's "I've Got Love"


If all you got is love, what would you do with it? Record an album of love songs, of course! And that's just what Filipino crooner Jonathan Potenciano did with I've Got Love, his first U.S. release. Jonathan's been an entertainer in Las Vegas for over 20 years, and he's currently performing with JAMM: Jonathan and Music Magic (totally different than the Music Magic I've been blogging about). They've been together for a long time now, check out the photo below!
Jonathan: D'Swan and Music Magic
A soulful vocalist whose love for Frank Sinatra is evident in almost every tune on the album, Jonathan has released more than 120 songs to date (40+ singles and 5 albums). That's impressive! Check out "I Think of You" and "You May Need Me Soon" on YouTube.

But Jonathan's got something on Ol' Blue Eyes: a funkier band. And a groove's always a good thing to have.

But back when I've Got Love was recorded, Jonathan was a rising star from the Philippines. His music was loved by many people, including Loyal Garner and Rene Paulo.
"Jonathan's love for music is evident in his performance ... SUPERB!" – Loyal Garner "Truly a voice of profound magnitude; disciplined, dynamic and sincere." – Rene Paulo "Great pipes—personality that wears well—a winner for sure with the right breaks!" – Kimo Wilder McVay "A Jonathan sings, he shares with you his experiences, and if anything, with his music, Jonathan embraces your emotions with tenderness in his songs." – Emme Tomimbang
This is his first U.S. release, produced by drummer Al Bardi and conductor Frank Diehl. Jonathan collaborated with some superb musicians on the album (the liner notes aren't entirely specific, so I might need correction on the following):
  • Gabe Baltazar (saxophone)
  • Jeff Henriksen (bass)
  • Dave Baptist (horns)
  • Joe Burnett (trumpet)
  • Les Benedict (trombone)
  • Mike Morita (trumpet)
  • Al Bardi (drums)
  • Kimo Cornwell, Synth
  • Clyde Pound, Keyboard and Arranger
  • Vernon Sakata, Percussion
And my absolute favorite, "Fallin' In Love Again", a mid-tempo ballad up there with Loyal Garner's classic song, "Love Me Slowly".

Jonathan will sway you along a path of rekindled flames as his romantic, sensitive voice soothes you into an unadulterated world of—what else?—love.

Why this LP hasn't received more attention in the digging world is a mystery to me. With each listen, I'm drawn deeper in love with Jonathan's relaxing voice. But don't get me wrong—Jonathan has the power to entertain crowds with the energy he brings to any song, whether it's Neil Sedaka's "Love Will Keep Us Together" or Barry White's "Love's Theme". Tracklist:
  1. Love Music (D. Lambert/B. Potter)
  2. Love Won't Let Me Wait (B. Eli/V. Barrett)
  3. I've Got Love (G. Geld/P. Udall)
  4. If We Only Have Love (Jacqus Brell)
  5. Now That We're In Love (G. Barrie/S. Cahn)
  6. Love's Theme (B. White/A. Schroeder)
  7. Falling In Love Again (D. Hamilton/A. Hamilton)
  8. Love Will Keep Us Together (N. Sedaka/ H. Greenfield)
  9. My Love (P. McCartney)
Thanks to @shackwax for making the LP available to Hawaiian music fans across the world!

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