Steve and Teresa "Catching a Wave"


Believe it or not, I've never surfed. Well, I tried once with some friends at Barber's Point, but by the time I paddled out to the waves, my arms turned to Jello and I could barely push myself up to stand. That was 10 years ago. If I had a board now I'd learn. Thankfully, I don't need years to dive in the ocean every time I want to experience the feeling of catching a wave. That's where Steve and Teresa come in. With their classic acoustic jam "Catching A Wave", which I can never play just once, I'm transported inside the barrel of a perfect wave, carving and pushing along as the ocean fills my being with what can only be described as poetic energy.

Steve & Teresa "Catching a Wave"

Talented songwriters keep your attention with carefully crafted music, but gifted songwriters capture your imagination, inspiring you by stirring your soul. When Steve Ma‘i‘i and Teresa Bright released their debut album and title track—recorded live at SeaWest Studios by Rick Asher Keefer (who also engineer hit records by Heart, and local albums like Mackey Feary's Touch Sensitive) in Pahoa, Hawaii—they gave Hawaii one of the greatest gifts of all time. "Catching A Wave" continues to resonate with Hawaiian musicians to this day. Summer performed it at their reunion show last month. Kool Elevation did a cover, and so did Mike Kaawa, Hema Pa‘a, and many more artists.

The song will forever capture the magic of riding a wave, even for those who have yet to learned how to surf.

Steve and Teresa Catching a Wave Steve and Teresa Catching a Wave Steve and Teresa Catching a Wave

"Catching A Wave" Lyrics

I'm catching a wave, feeling the freedom flowing over me, Makes me feel so free, And doing a dance, making sweet romance with an ocean lady love, Blue skies above, Well, my heart is here to stay and my soul is on his way, He's riding high on the wave like he's touching the skies, rushing to the shore, And it's like i'm flying into space, following an ancient race that gone before Cause island tradewinds blow, I know where i'm going I just got a notion, going surfing in the ocean That's where I'd like to be...

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