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During the 6 months Harry's Music Store was closed—they moved down the street to 3270 Waialae Ave—Aloha Got Soul received a lot of traffic from web searches like "harry's music store is it open yet". It'd finally open, folks. According to their website:

"Thank you so much to our loyal customers, friends, and family for waiting so patiently as we set up our new store. A lot of time and energy has gone into building our new home. We are very happy with what we have accomplished, and we hope that you will be too. Please join us on Saturday, July 7th as we celebrate the grand opening of our new store and open our doors to welcome back all our friends and family."

Harry's Music Store: Now Open Harry's Music Store: Now Open

The new Harry's Music Store

Harry's Music Store is now in a brand new building (their previous location was at its last moments), and there's plenty of free parking at the new storefront. Plus, I think they are selling vinyl records at the new shop. I pulled up to Harry's at 5:30pm a week after July 7th. The store was closed, but I snapped a few photos of the interior and peered inside. I think I saw some vinyl in there, but I've yet to step inside the new location so I'm only 50% sure. „hat I saw could've been music books, but then again, it's pretty hard to mistake 12" x 12" shapes for anything but an LP. Has anyone been to the new Harry's Music Store location at 3270 Waialae Ave?
A peek through the front window reveals a clean, spacious interior. Do I see records? Maybe. A peek through the front window reveals a clean, spacious interior. Do I see records? Maybe.

The old Harry's Music Store + free music

I gained a lot of press from the internet world for my 1x10x100 mixtape series, which curated the 100 vinyl records I bought at Harry's in January for only $10. Listen to the 1x10x100 mixtapes now.

Check out photos from the clearance sale at Harry's:

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