Shack's Sunday Selections: Phase 7 "Sweet Love"


It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here in Honolulu, the perfect kind of day to sit down at my laptop and start a new series of posts on Aloha Got Soul. Welcome to the first installment of Shack's Sunday Selections, where I'll be featuring a fine 45 from the collection of one of the nicest guys I know. He goes by Shack.
Shack's Sunday Selections This is Shack.

About Shack

I've known Shack for about two years now and we trade vinyl, stories and memorabilia every time we meet. Shack knows how passionate I am about Hawaiian records, he'll go out of his way to show me his latest finds because he knows I'll dig deeper to uncover information behind the music and the artists. I'm grateful for it, he's got a big heart to be so willing to share his treasures with me.

Sunday Selection, Part 1: "Sweet Love"

Our first post in Shack's Sunday Selections comes from one of the most popular club acts of the 1970s and early 80s, Phase 7. "Sweet Love" is a ripe Hawaiian modern soul track ready for the dance floor. I blogged this song back in 2011—but it's so good, it deserves another spin, especially as the inaugural cut for Shack's Sunday Selection. You'll also find a post about Phase 7's Windjammer LP in the Archives. This choice track comes from that album. Also worth noting: "Sweet Love" is actually a cover of "I Just Wanna Make Sweet Love Tonight" by Sunrize. Which version do you prefer?
Thanks for the selections, Shack. Thanks for the selections, Shack.

Watch for new installments on Sundays.

I can't guarantee this will be weekly, but Shack's Sunday Selections will definitely be Sundayly.

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