Ron Ka-Ipo with Naturally "Without You Girl"


What would you do without Hawaiian soul music for the rest of your life? Ron Ka-Ipo and Naturally LP Well, you might fill your collection with some West Coast AOR music or get into the heavy stuff, like some Northern Soul. But before you start thinking about life without this Sandwich Isle sound, Ron Ka-Ipo's got the perfect song to drift you back to a sweet, soulful, Hawaiian style reality: "Without You Girl".

Nothing compares to that laid-back island sound...

...So cruise, like sticking your hand out the car window to slice the wind on your way toward the North Shore. Your fingers take flight like a free bird on a backdrop of green mountains, pineapple fields and island music. Coming from the car stereo? It's another Ron Ka-Ipo and Naturally gem—a soaring song called "Fly My Robin".

Tidbits from the album liner notes by Keith Haugen:

At the age of 10, Ron would break from his daily newspaper route to sing to a waitress at a Hilo diner. His reward was a glass of milk and a slice of pie. He was the 15th of 16 children in a rural Big Island family.

Ron, also known as Karl Yomes, auditioned with Don Ho for his first real gig after four years in the Air Force. On tour, Ron played with greats like Gabby Pahinui and Hilo Hattie (the entertainer who founded the retail store of the same name). Ron even performed at Disneyland for seven seasons.

After near non-stop touring, Ron Ka-Ipo made his way home to his native Hilo and found the atmosphere he needed to continue writing music.

This album—the songs and the feelings—are Ron Ka-Ipo. It is an intimate look into a man's most private thoughts, pain, joy, and personal tragedies. It is a piece of the songwriter's life. He shares it with you gladly, through his most precious gift: music.

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