Legendary Hawaiian Funk: Lemuria and "Hunk of Heaven"


My excitement for Aloha Got Soul shot to new levels this weekend after learning that Funk and Soul DJ Craig Charles broadcast those three precious words—aloha got soul—to the eager ears of thousands of music fans worldwide on BBC Radio 6. Thanks to @BenSpiers on Twitter, I found out that Craig Charles took listeners to Hawaii for one of the islands' most prized funk/soul tracks: "Hunk of Heaven" by Lemuria. And it made me realize, there's not a single post on Aloha Got Soul about the Lemuria LP! OK, there's the DJ Muro tracklist and the Babadu/Kirk Thompson reference, but nothing dedicated solely to Hawaii's legendary superstar funk group, Lemuria. Let this mark the first post of several about Lemuria, that oh-so-mysterious gospel funk-and-soul group from Hawaii. Mahalo Craig Charles for the shoutout!

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