Reflections on the Highlights of 2016


This blog post was originally sent out to our mailing list on November 24, 2016. Subscribe here for email updates and exclusive news. Aloha friends and fans, The year has come and gone quickly, but not without bringing some incredible opportunities to the table. As the end of 2016 draws closer, I'm writing this to express my gratitude for the supporters, collaborators and believers who have helped Aloha Got Soul grow organically and steadily throughout the year. Thank you to the Soul Time crew: Cedric, Solson, Oliver, Hideki, Darryn. In March we hosted a week-long series of events in Honolulu to the celebrate the two-year anniversary of Soul Time. Cedric flew from London with Psychemagik's Danny McLewin; Solson traveled from Chicago; and Red Light Radio's Hugo Van Heijningen joined the party to live broadcast every single event — which are available in entirety here. We had the generous backing of Red Bull Hawaii, and had the opportunity to talk story with artists like Kirk Thompson, Mike Lundy, Nohelani Cypriano, Steve Maii, and Kit Ebersbach. The anniversary culminated with a live performance by Mike Lundy, backed by a full band. It was the first time Mike had performed his original songs since 1989. Thank you to Bevy and Surfjack for believing in what we do at Soul Time and allowing us the opportunity to share relatively unknown music from the Hawaiian Islands with locals and visitors. Thank you to Hungry Ear for organizing the annual Hawaii Record Fair in the midsts of temporarily closing their doors in anticipation of opening a new location in early 2017, which we are all eagerly looking forward to. Thank you to Strut Records for opening the doors to reaching new listeners with the collaborative Aloha Got Soul release, which has now been named as one of the best compilations of 2016. Thank you to Gotta Groove Records for making it easy to press quality vinyl. If you live in the US and are thinking about pressing a record, give GGR a try. Thank you to the artists who have given me the chance to reissue their music on the label this year, and whose music will be made available soon in 2017. This includes, but isn't limited to: Al Nobriga, Aura, Aiko / Dale Senaga, Robert ÆOLUS Myers, Rob Mehl, Phase 7, Nova, Tender Leaf, and ʻĀina. (Yes, you read that list correctly!) Thank you to my wife, Leimomi, whose invaluable input helps ideas take shape and projects run smoothly. And finally... Thank YOU, for it is your interest and support that keeps me going. Aloha Got Soul wouldn't be what is today (and what it will become tomorrow) without people like you who believe in this humble project that is headquartered in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you're a long-time supporter or a curious new fan, thank you. Here's looking forward to what the future will bring. - Roger P.S. Mike Lundy and Aura are performing live on August 5, 2017 at Ala Moana Hotel. Time to plan that vacation to Hawaii.

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