Recap: Japan Tour 2023, Tokyo to Hiroshima to Osaka (and stops in-between)

Events Recap

Over the years, there's been a number of Aloha Got Soul events in Japan, the majority being held in Tokyo thanks to the help of our friends at Kakubarhythm.

When we started thinking about what 2023 would look like for AGS in Japan, we reached out to Rush Production for assistance. The brothers behind Rush -- Yasushi and Fumi -- have for many years worked with Tommy Guerrero (we're big fans!), and after an introduction to Rush in early 2020 (pre-COVID) thanks to our friend Hashim Bharoocha, we felt we could count on Rush to create something special on behalf of Aloha Got Soul. So we reached out in early 2023, and the wheels started turning. 

The result was a six-city tour from Tokyo to Hiroshima, with stops in Osaka, Gifu, Okayama, and Kakogawa along the way. Leading the way was one of Japan's most noteworthy tour managers (in our opinion!), a man named Ittetsu Asai. Altogether, the experience was an unforgettable journey that has, hopefully, laid the foundation for future tours with Rush and Ittetsu's support. 

Here's a look at each city, originally posted to our Instagram. 













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