On Kalapana: Kimié Miner on how music transcends time and place

We sat down with singer and songwriter Kimié Miner —one of local music’s greatest advocates — to talk about Kalapana’s influence on her own music. 

Kimié is an Grammy Award nominated producer and helms the Haku Collective, a full-service multimedia agency supporting local artists in the global music industry. She’s worked with Kalapana members D.J. Pratt and Gaylord Holomalia, and has close ties to the Bilyeu ohana.

1. What is your all-time favorite Kalapana track? Why do you love it? 

For You I’d Chase A Rainbow because the lyrics are so good. I love their songwriting. 

2. How has Kalapana and their music influenced you as an artist? 

They showed me that local artists can make music to transcend the generations and touch the world. They inspire me to create music that represents Hawai’i and reaches the globe. 

3. Tell us your best classic Kalapana story — whether you knew the band personally, met them in person, or are just a fan of their music. 

DJ was an engineer at the studio where I recorded my albums. I would run in to him and he would give me tips and bits of knowledge. I also recorded some of my first songs at Kirk Thompson’s studio. Malani's granddaughter lives across the street from my 'ohana on Big Island and has shared many stories about her grandfather. Gaylord and I serve on the HARA Board. These guys have all influenced my music big time!


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