On Kalapana: How Ro (8RO8) unknowingly became a Kalapana fan in elementary school

Hawaii-born rapper and music creator Ro, known as 8RO8, tells us about how Kalapana showed him that quality music can come outta Hawaii, and how it connected him even more to life (and love).

What is your all-time favorite Kalapana track? Why do you love it?

1. The Hurt, it’s so baller cause i feels it’s about love that turned one sided with time and it literally feels like it could written by the Bee Gees. 1000/10

How has Kalapana and their music influenced you as an artist?

2. Kalapana was just in the rotation when I was younger. Showed me that quality music can come out of the aina and beautiful music at that. Make me over fantasize about love and relationships at the tender age of 10 so I defly think that helped with the way I observe my relationships with love when I write / sing I tink.

Tell us your best classic Kalapana story — whether you knew the band personally, met them in person, or are just a fan of their music.

3. Burrah imma keep it a buck I didn’t even know I was a fan of kalapana till my kumu back in 1st [grade] started humming night bird and I sang it with her. I just remember hearing it in Longs / the hospital and enjoyed standing still and vibing out with the melodies.

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Photo below from Flux Hawaii.

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