Momi - Borne in a Faint Streak of Light


Such beautiful music fills the grooves of Momi's Borne in a Faint Streak of Light. Released in 1979 on CRI Recording (a private label?), the LP is layered with swaying horns, crisp drumming, delicate harping and Momi's child-like, angelic voice. Each track sounds like it descended upon Earth via a falling cloud. Not that the music moves slowly, but Momi and her band of divine messengers play with the warming energy of the sun and the gentle touch of the breeze. Like I said, it's a beautiful thing to hear. Momi (Diane Leimomi Riley) was about 23 when Borne was released. The album has been described as warm folk-psych, or even soul music. I'd say it's roots are in jazz, with a touch of funk/psych and some reggae for good measure (see: "Lambsbread"). Despite the labels, Borne is one hell of an album. It's heavenly, I mean, and outstanding for someone so young. All songs arranged by Momi Riley. Produced by Jim Riley (James Weston Riley?) & Momi and friends. Backup musicians include: Bobby Potter, tenor sax, sax, flute Rick Myrick, lead guitar, backing vocals ("Baby's Blue") David Moore, bass, synthesizer ("Windows in the Sun") Beverly LeBeck, cello ("Sunrise") Robert Lokomaika'i o Kalani Snakenberg, Hawaiian translation of "Shine" Here's the back cover:

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