Mike Lundy's Making Waves: Recent Press + "Aloha From Chicago" Mix by DJ Solson

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Feels like I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog about the label's first release. After all, Aloha Got Soul originally started out as a blog and I intend to continue doing so as the label grows. But for now, a brief overview of what's been happening with this first release (a 7-inch by Mike Lundy, in case you missed it) and the new Soul Time sister party: Soul Time In Chicago. Chicago's DJ Solson hit me up a while back about bringing Soul Time to the Windy City. He and DJ Darryn are hosting the first of many Soul Time In Chicago parties this Saturday, which also doubles as the release party for AGS-7001. To celebrate, Solson put together the above one-hour all-vinyl mix of Hawaiian gems. The Vinyl Factory featured an exclusive excerpt of my recent interview with Lundy plus previously unreleased photos. The interview is about 1/10th of our conversation, but reveals a coincidental detail about the original recording sessions and the AGS 7-inch. (If you're wondering: I plan to publish the rest of the interview in November as part of the liner notes to the full LP reissue of Mike Lundy's The Rhythm Of Life. Yup, we're reissuing the entire album this fall with updated packaging, tons of liner notes, and more.) Mike-Lundy-TVF-2 The Vinyl Factory also featured my Top 5 Hawaiian funk gems and placed AGS-7001 on their list of 15 Vinyl Releases To Look Out For in 2015. Test Pressing's Dr. Rob wrote a nice piece on the release and the label's launch. One of my favorite music writers and one of my favorite music websites, so a big thank you to Dr. Rob and TP and also Apiento. Keith Foster of weekly vinyl-centric podcast The Vinyl Exam interviewed me a couple weeks ago, asking a ton of questions that revealed my MO in doing what I do: "Music is bigger than our individual selves. It's meant to be shared, it's meant to be enjoyed, and to inspire people." The interview is below and also up on their website. Remember that we're hosting five parties this week in Honolulu, London, and Chicago: All events are free and open to the public. January 29 in Honolulu: Label Launch Party at Bevy. January 29 in London: Label Launch Party at Rye Wax. January 31 in Honolulu: Release Party at Hungry Ear. January 31 in London: Release Party at Brilliant Corners. January 31 in Chicago: Launch Party/Release Party at Punch House. Thank you for your support.

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