Aloha Got Soul is a blog-turned-record label focused on rare and relatively unknown music of Hawaii. Its mission is to contribute to the diversity of Hawaii’s music scene and strengthen Hawaii’s reputation in the global music community.

Roger Bong started Aloha Got Soul in 2010 after hearing DJ Muro’s Hawaiian Breaks mix.

In 2015, after five years of digging up out-of-print music and retelling artists’ stories through blog posts, interviews, and mixtapes, Roger evolved Aloha Got Soul into a record label.

Roger Bong. Photo by Mark Kushimi.

Roger Bong. Photo by Mark Kushimi.

Thank you for supporting Aloha Got Soul.

All content created or curated by Roger Bong, unless otherwise noted.

Contact Roger at info@alohagotsoul.com.


  1. Keanohi Davis-Milo

    I appreciate all you’ve done on this website. I am the eldest daughter of one of your featured artist: BABADU! Mahalo for your kind words of expression in regards to my father’s music.

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