Fitted Hawaii: Keeping it Homegrown


For those not familiar with Fitted, here's a look at what makes the streetwear company so successful.

3 Steps to Success

There are three key strategies (in my opinion) that make Fitted a world renonwed and respected brand:
  1. Keep it Local.
  2. Keep it Limited.
  3. Collaborate Often.

Homegrown Fitted Hawaii Hat

Homegrown, and proud of it.

From the very beginning, Fitted has supported local culture and communities with a mission to "fill the void of custom New Era caps and penetrate a market that was missing the voice of the people." Before Fitted, Honolulu street style emulated looks from places like New York or Los Angeles. But the local Hawaiian culture has its own unique vibe, an energy and history that no other city can call their own. With fresh designs and an eye on an untapped market, Fitted took Hawaii to new heights in the world of street fashion. From their website:
"Fitted's mission is to teach the youth the importance of embracing culture and history, while maintaing a high standard on quality, functionality and aesthetics ."

While Supplies Last.

Fitted releases don't last very long. And once it's gone, it's gone. Of course, if a release is successful and demand is high, Fitted makes a new version--like this Home Grown tee ("Lihue" fans: look familiar?): Homegrown tee by Fitted HawaiiWith hats and tees typically limited to 30 units total, people line up hours before the store opens. Some people have lined up outside the store the day before the release. The super-rare releases can reach super-high prices online, but if you stop by the shop near Ala Moana you can pick up any number of styles that they carry (in ever-changing colorways, of course). And every release has a story behind it, which makes each product even more special. Here's what Fitted had to say about their Homegrown release:
Homegrown. The general definition of this is: “Raised or grown at home.” To us, the definition of Homegrown is much deeper than that. Homegrown is more than a sense of pride, it’s the way we carry ourselves, whether we’re at home or abroad. It’s the way we treat others (with the utmost respect, as we’ve been taught by our elders), the way we greet each other, the way we may seek out for a Spam Musubi somewhere as far off as Tennessee, knowing very well that we more than likely won’t find it. Homegrown to us is embracing our sports teams and hometown heroes, even if when they’re on the receiving end of negative press. That’s a brief glimpse into what Homegrown means to us...

Work with the Best

I don't want to make an over-statement with this, but Fitted collaborates with the best in the industry, whether it's custom Vans sneakers, hi-top kicks by Element Skateboards, exclusive apparel with Primo Beer, tag-teamed tees with fellow streetwear innovator Cukui--the list goes on. Vans x Fitted Hawaii Which brings me to the Aloha Got Soul x Fitted Hawaii collaboration. The upcoming release, slated for February 2012 (and hopefully no later), will be all three things: local, limited, and a collaborative effort between two of the best in their respective industries. (Except in my case, Aloha Got Soul is the only one in its industry.) Learn more about Fitted and Aloha Got Soul here.

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