Le Feelings: Vinyl Only Funk and Soul Show


Digital makes sharing this Hawaiian funk-soul-jazz obsession of mine possible with people around the world. For those of you lucky enough to be in Honolulu this weekend, I'm ditching digital and spinning vinyl only with some of Hawaii's most dedicated diggers. That's right—the first official DJ appearance by Aloha Got Soul! Equally as exciting is the return of a breakbeat / downtempo / hip hop group known as Le Feelings.

Dig This Vibe presents Le Feelings DJs Alston, Oliver Twist, Aloha Got Soul, Shitzr Live art by legendary KATCH One (Natural Koncepts)

Saturday, February 16, 2013 Mercury Bar 1154 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu 10pm - 2am $7

Don't miss this! Don't miss this!

What is Le Feelings?

I missed an era of Hawaii hip hop that I know little about, so I'll leave this one to Anasarca, who's been around the scene since the beginning. In 2008, she reminisced about Le Feelings on Asita Recordings' website:

"Le Feelings is a dj/producing collective from Hawaii consisting of Alston, Jade, Oliver (Twist), and Matt Ratt. I have nothing but the greatest respect for these guys, ever hungry for the best vinyl sounds in the universe, and a genuine love for music.

Probably my best memory of the group is circa 2001 in "the" Waikiki "apartment." I remember being impressed by how deep the commitment ran. From a living room stacked from floor to ceiling with records, a makeshift studio emerged as a meeting place for creativity.

I hate to sound so old, or get so nostalgic, but there is certainly something to be said for the loss of that type of incubated, pure and joyful atmosphere... music for the sake of music."

Alston of Le Feelings. Photo by Honozooloo Alston of Le Feelings. Photo by Honozooloo
Oliver Twist of Le Feelings. Photo by Honozooloo Oliver Twist of Le Feelings. Photo by Honozooloo

What records will I be playing?

Hawaiian, of course. But if you want specific titles, you gotta come down to the event!

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