A Forgotten Album: Kalapana Plays Southern All Stars


Today is a special day, my girlfriend's birthday! This post is in honor of her and her Japanese roots. It's also a post about a Kalapana album that not many people know about. Enjoy! Kalapana sat down in 1991 to create what should be a monumental album in their long list of recordings, but has been largely overlooked in their discography. My guess is that people enjoy the 1970s and 80s sound of Kalapana, but never really got used to the 90s sound of this CD. Kalapana plays Southern All Stars—featuring ten tunes written by prolific songwriter Keisuke Kuwata—showcases the Hawaii group singing some of Japan's most beloved songs from the 1970s and onward.
I once read that Southern All Stars is to Japan what Kalapana is to Hawaii.
Aloha Got Soul: Kalapana Sings Southern All Stars 1991 It took me a long time to track down this CD which never made it to vinyl as far as I know. Kalapana translated all ten songs from Japanese to English from the CD. A big challenge that succeeded by keeping the meaning of the original lyrics intact. My girlfriend's favorite Sazan song is "Itoshi no Ellie", and we've been playing it on repeat for months now. The details: 1. Sorry To Make You Cry (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 2. Unaware (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 3. Just A Little Bit (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 4. Miss Brand-New Day (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 5. Ya Ya (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 6. Melody (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 7. Please! (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 8. Capricious (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) 9. Ellie My Love (Keisuke Kuwata, Varnes & Hawkins) 10. Big Wave (Keisuke Kuwata & Kalapana) Executive Producers : Yoshiya Omata & Tom Sassa Produced by Kenji Sano Recorded at Garden Rake, California; Village Recorders, California (The Steve Lindsey Studio) & M-Bar, Osaka Mixed at Garden Rake Engineered by Gaylor Holomalia Assistant Engineers : Greg Loskorn, Eric Anest & Hideo Ueda Kalapana : Malani Bilyeu : Guitars & Vocals Mackey Feary : Guitars & Vocals Gaylord Holomalia : Keyboards D.J. Pratt : Guitars Kenji Sano : Bass & Vocals Additional musicians : Alex Acuna : Percussion Tris Imboden : Drums Michael Paulo : Sax James Studer : Keyboards & Vocals

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