Interviews with 1970s disco bands from Hawaii: Power Point, Odyssey, and Peter Rivera of Rare Earth

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This has been a long time coming: audio interviews with local artists. I've been interviewing artists since this blog's inception, but never took the extra step to create podcast-like interviews for people to listen to. And as my pal Jon Kirby of Numero Group told me via email, "People love some dang podcasts."

The idea sparked when Ted de Oliveira and I sat down in the Central Pacific Time studio to do an impromptu interview on the evening of his 7" release, July 10, 2018. That interview (which you can listen to here) was so much fun, I wanted to continue doing more. Around that time, a friend of mine texted me a photo of the poster for this year's 70s Nightclub Reunion. (Gotaro asked me, "is Nick Kurosawa's dad in any of these bands??" He isn't, but his band did perform in past reunion concerts).

Then I realized, for as long as I've been friends with Robin Kimura, the organizer behind the 70s Reunion shows and bandleader of Greenwood, I hadn't ever put together a series of interviews with the bands. So, I shared the idea with Robin and he immediately put me in touch with the bands Power Point and Odyssey, whom I knew nothing about outside of the short bios found on the 70s NCR website.


2018 70s Nightclub Reunion.

Here we are, with about 10 days until the next NCR concert on August 11, 2018 at the Ala Moana Hotel, and I'm happy to share two interviews with you: Jason Nagashima of Power Point, and Mike Nacapuy of Odyssey. Robin and I plan to interview Peter Rivera of Rare Earth a few days before the concert, and I've been trying to find a good time to sit down with Kata Maduli and Hemingway Jasmin of The MoppTops.

I'll leave you with this advice from Mike Nacapuy: "If you've never experienced the 70s, come to this event. For all the newbies, millenials, come — come and see your grandparents! See how they did it back then!"

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Power Point, as seen on the 2018 70s NCR poster.

Odyssey, as seen in the 2018 70s NCR poster.

The general idea here is to launch an interview podcast series with local, Hawaii artists on the Aloha Got Soul label and other related musicians. Now that we operate a studio for our online radio station, Central Pacific Time, we see more opportunities around us to capture conversations in a casual setting for others to enjoy, for posterity.

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