Interview: ʻĀina’s Howard Shapiro Leads Us to “Your Light”, Spirituality, and Life In Hawaii

"There is only one world and one race upon this earth. We all are children of the light knowing within our hearts that love will bring us all together again. To all of you who are sharing with us and seeking the light, I send you all the love in my heart and spirit." This is an [...]

Interview: The Story of Aura, with Beverly Orbello and Vince Mendoza

Aura has for a long time remained a mystery to me. I first heard their music on the oft-referenced "Hawaiian Breaks" mix that DJ Muro released in 2009. At that time I had no idea who the band was. Thankfully, with the help of a handful of dedicated individuals, I was able to identify the mix's complete tracklist and [...]

Interview: Al Nobriga, “You don’t choose music. Music chooses you.”

Al Nobriga graduated from high school in Kauai in 1960. Following graduation, he moved to Oahu and attended Brigham Young University from 1960 to 1965. He started playing music in 8th grade. Nobriga's entire family is musical, and they'd have kanikapila's (jam sessions) on Kauai often. Nobriga remembers that his uncle had a Gibson Sunburst guitar, and that he was intrigued [...]

Interview: Maryanne Ito “I’m ready to spread my wings and take flight.”

I sometimes get asked about current soul music from Hawaii. Spending so much of my time focusing on a very particular era of soul music from the islands, I admit find myself caught off-guard when faced with such an inquiry. Thanks to several tips, namely from my buddy JBMbeatz, prominent Honolulu DJ Bennie James, and my fiancé, I [...]

Interview: Rob Butler of Be With Records announces Nohelani Cypriano LP reissue this August

What follows is a recent discussion I had with record label owner Rob Butler, who runs the London-based Be With Records which, since its inception in May 2014, has released a steady string of solid reissues that dance across a landscape of good music. ORDER NOW: Nohelani Cypriano Nohelani LP reissue available from Be With Records.  I [...]

Interview: Patrick Forge On Playing Records For A Living

With the second Soul Time In London on the horizon—returning to Brilliant Corners on September 6th after a brief jaunt at The Queen's Head back in April—I'm extremely excited to announce that DJ, broadcaster, producer, writer, musician (the list goes on, folks!) Patrick Forge will be gracing the turntables with his presence, which, of course, includes his ever-powerful, ever-thoughtful [...]

Interview: Jeff Long of Love Is A Real Thing (KTUH)

There are few local radio DJs who pull off a quality soul program like Jeff Long (aka Benjamin Stencil) does with his Sunday morning show, Love Is A Real Thing. Jeff arrives by bicycle at the University of Hawaii's college radio station KTUH around 5:45am each Sunday with a backpack of vinyl and a few CDs to spin from [...]

INTERVIEW: Jelly’s Sheriff Norm Winter Talks About Radio Free Hawaii

I met with Norm Winter on an evening in February 2014 several months after I had recorded a previous conversation of ours. I should say that that conversation—which took place at the Aloha Lounge sometime in the Spring of 2013 during one of Jah Gumby’s Rub-A-Dub all-vinyl reggae sessions, and which gave us an overview [...]