Hawaii 7-O: Seven Deadly Spins on Radio 2SER


Every Wednesday when it's noon in Sydney it's 4pm the day prior in Hawaii, and a man named Paris takes over the Australian airwaves at Radio 2SER with his rare groove show, Jumping The Gap. I'm pleased to announce that Paris recently featured a guest mix by Aloha Got Soul—a mix of seven Hawaiian 7-inch records for his Seven Deadly Spins segment.
2SER - Aloha Got Soul x Jumping The Gap Seven Deadly Spins on 2SER - Aloha Got Soul x Jumping The Gap
Paris introduces myself and Aloha Got Soul with factoids and tidbits in the original broadcast:

"Now, a very special treat for you all the way from Hawaii: Roger Bong is the guy behind a great website all about Hawaiian jazz, funk, soul, and rare grooves, and is the latest guest to provide an exclusive 7-inch vinyl mix for our Seven Deadly Spins segment...

"Bong moved to Hawaii when he was 7—that's a bit spooky for our mix series, isn't it? And he got more heavily into the island sounds via DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks mix. But now he is a complete nut for the stuff himself."

Listen/Download via Bandcamp:

Tracklist: Seven Deadly Spins guest mix by Aloha Got Soul

  1. Richard Natto - "Brokenhearted" - Fresh Flavor
  2. Henry Kapono - "Underwater Boogie" - Paradise
  3. Nohelani Cypriano - "U" - Kokonutt
  4. Greenwood - "Sparkle" - Forest In Leaf
  5. Hal Bradbury - "Call Me" - Fan
  6. Shine feat. Mackey Feary - "Running From Love" - Paradise
  7. Society Of Seven - "Lei Aloha Lei Makamai" - SOS
7 Deadly Spins - Aloha Got Soul x Jumping The Gap 7 Deadly Spins - Aloha Got Soul x Jumping The Gap
Facts about this mix:
  • I moved to Hawaii when I was 7 years old
  • The last track in the mix is by Society of Seven
  • This is the 157th blog post on Aloha Got Soul
Thank you, Paris, for featuring Aloha Got Soul on Jumping The Gap! The original broadcast (1 hour 25 min) is available on Mixcloud. Jumping The Gap on 2SER is "a weekly plunge into psych-funk, soul, disco, reggae, soundtracks, free-jazz & beyond..." But it's more than just good music. Paris often collaborates with music aficionados on-air, including a recent broadcast featuring Gerald Short of Jazzman Records (a label which reissued Lemuria's "Hunk of Heaven"). Paris also runs a record label called Groovescooter Records. Visit Paris on Facebook, Groovescooter online, Jumping The Gap on Mixcloud for more great music!

Want more to hear rare groove mixes?

Check out the Aloha Got Soul downloads page.

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