Emotional Connection: Contrast Magazine #15 Connects the Dots


The editors behind Honolulu's Contrast Magazine have a very similar approach to what Aloha Got Soul is all about:
We started with the idea that Hawai‘i is often overlooked because of its size and geographic location. We wanted (and still want) to show people abroad what Hawai‘i has to offer in terms of art, music, and culture. There are a lot of passionate people living in the Islands with great stories doing amazing things. Contrast is their platform. On the other hand, we also want to show our own community what’s going on overseas. In a way our publication is a geographic exchange of creativity and inspiration.
With each issue, the publication allows established artists and understated influencers a place to share their work with the world. There's no pretension in what Contrast does; they believe in every person or project they choose to feature. Issue 15 focuses on the emotional connection we share with art, music, and each other. Journalist Daniel Ikaika Ito and Editor/photographer Mark Kushimi have been long-time fans of Aloha Got Soul. When story ideas for issue 15 starting coming together, both wanted to support what we've been up to lately with the blog, the mixes, the Soul Time events, and the newly minted AGS record label (now 10 months old!). Contrast Magazine 1 IMG_9032 By now, Aloha Got Soul has existed for 5 years. But what it encompasses today is no longer the work of one individual. That's why I'm so grateful Contrast took the time to connect the dots between Hawaii and London. Hawaii: where myself and Oliver Seguin hold down the monthly Soul Time In Hawaii parties. London: where Cedric Bardawil has taken the AGS message far beyond anything that could've been achieved on the ground here in Honolulu. (Shout out to Chicago's Solson and Darryn for holding down the Soul Time In Chicago parties every month!) Copies of Contrast 15 are now available online and around Honolulu.

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