Dig This Vibe: Meaty Ogre at Mercury Bar


Back in February, a few of my friends came together to throw what has now become the first in an ongoing series of shows featuring some of the most dedicated diggers, DJs and music makers we know. We call ourselves Dig This Vibe, and our mission is to promote great music and good feelings. I'm one of the resident DJs at Dig This Vibe, so you can expect tasty tropical grooves to fill the room at our next gig with Chicago's Andrew Brearley (Meaty Ogre) of Cherries Records.

Saturday, May 18, 2013 FREE // 18 & up 9pm - 2am Mercury Bar // 1154 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu

Dig This Vibe presents: Meaty Ogre

featuring: Meaty Ogre (Cherries Records) DJ Ambideckstriks (Air Crew) CZR PRZ (Air Crew)

with: Oliver Seguin (Le Feelings) Roger Bong (Aloha Got Soul) Shitzr (Doomzday Mechanics Krew) and live visuals by hypoetical

Andrew and his wife, DJ ShredOne, just celebrated the one-year anniversary of their modern funk-and-soul record label, Cherries Records. We caught up with Andrew via email to ask him about digging in the Windy City, Hawaiian vinyl, and what makes for a memorable funk-and-soul dance party. Read the full interview here, what follows is an excerpt: When were last in Honolulu? And have you ever spun out in Hawaii? I spent about 4 days there and DJ’d a very short set for my friend and MC, Qwel, who I produced and DJ’d, for many years. Its been so long, I can’t even remember the name of the venue… but we had a damn good time, and can’t wait to get back! Honolulu and Chicago are two very different places. What do you love about Chicago, and what about Honolulu? Do you see any similarities? Chicago is a tough love kind of city, which makes me love it, but also gives you a little chip on your shoulder that you bring with you whenever you travel somewhere else. I loved Honolulu cus we straight CHILLED for 4 days, went swimming, ate great food, etc. I don’t think I spent enough time there to try and draw any similarities, but I know we connected really easily with the folks we met there, and that the native Hawaiian folks we met were all super down to earth working class type folks, much like most folks here in Chicago.
Andrew Brearley (Meaty Ogre) of Cherries Records Andrew Brearley (Meaty Ogre) of Cherries Records
Top Hawaiian records? I haven’t found too many of the killer Hawaiian records, but I do love the band Sweet Marie, and have played a few of their 45s out, like “Remember Mary”. I have mp3s of the These Trails LP, which is incredible. I also really dig the Lemuria LP, but have never been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy! What makes a funk and soul dance party a funk and soul dance party? First off, you have to have people coming to dance! I personally feed off of the dancefloor, so if the floor is empty, usually the DJ won’t have as much energy or fluidity. The best DJs for me play lots of tunes people will know, and throw in a decent amount of rare/obscure things in between, to keep it fun for the more seasoned dancers/collectors. It takes the right mix of open minded people and good DJs to pull off a good dance party in general, and when it works out, the nights can be magic! Continue reading on digthisvibe.com...

See you on May 18 at Mercury Bar!

Roger Bong (Aloha Got Soul) Roger Bong (Aloha Got Soul) spins Hawaiian funk and soul music.

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