Wofford-Keat "Terrie & Me"


Here's a nice jam. "Terrie & Me" grew from the local music scene in the 1970s, a time when acoustic guitars and harmonizing vocalists could be found in almost every contemporary Hawaiian band.

Country Comfort, Cecilio & Kapono, Olomana—these were Hawaii's big-name-bands of the era, often influenced by mainland acts such as America, The Eagles, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Wofford-Keat are Phil Keat and Steve Wofford. They recorded their debut LP, Road To Home, at Sounds of Hawaii with the help of producer Irv Pinensky.

Road To Home is a looked-over gem that deserves more attention from contemporary Hawaiian music fans today. Phil Keat's songwriting shines on Road To Home, each track has a gentle quality, soulful yet at times dark. It's the kind of album that will root itself deeper inside yourself with each spin.

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