Two new mixes: Aloha Got Soul on NTS Los Angeles and The Lot Radio


We spent some time in Los Angeles and Brooklyn last month with the opportunity to drop into two outstanding online radio stations, NTS and The Lot.

Both broadcasts are available for playback below (and on each station's respective Mixcloud).

The NTS show was 100% music from Hawaii or connected to the islands — that Lani Groves track comes from an LP that was recorded in LA and Maui, and the Manila Machine band was a Filipino group that performed often in Hawaii, despite their LP not being recorded in Hawaii. It's always fun to share some island tunes I've been listening to lately.

Aloha Got Soul on NTS Los Angeles

What fun it was to spend the afternoon in Chinatown, Los Angeles, searching for the entrance to NTS's temporary studio space (they used to be at Mount Analog and are in the backside / basement of an art gallery awaiting new digs nearby. Thanks to Randy of Hobo Camp Records for the connect.

It's a lengthier story reserved for a recap, but while we were in Palm Springs we meet Lloyd Harris of The Lot Radio and a week later I was subbing his time slot on a freezing winter day in Brooklyn. I'm sure his regular listeners missed having Dinner with him, but I did my best to share some more local tunes and other tracks that didn't appear on the NTS broadcast.

Aloha Got Soul on The Lot Radio

More details to come about our Palm Springs / Los Angeles / New York trip in January. In the meantime, enjoy the mixes.

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