Tracklist: 1x10x100 (Harry's Music Store Mixtape)


Before I get to work on the next 1x10x100 mixtape (can you say 45s?), diggers out there need to know who's behind the tracks on the first mixtape in the ongoing 1x10x100 series. After all, music like this deserves to be shared. Artists in pursuit of the purest sound of the soul deserve to be recognized, and keeping the complete tracklist from you does nobody good. At first, 1x10x100 was an outlet for me to share the 100 vinyl records I bought for just $10 at Harry's Music Store in February. The Honolulu landmark was closing and moving to a smaller location, but they had way too much stuff to take along. So they sold all their vinyl, cheap. Really cheap. You can imagine the excitement I felt in scoring a hundred records at 10 cents a piece. I didn't plan on making more than one 1x10x100 mixtape, it just sort of happened. Adding nearly ten dozen records to my collection gave me hours of funky, soulful material to share with you. With subsequent 1x10x100 releases in the works, my mission is not only to showcase my finds from Harry's Music Store. It's more than that.

My goal is to inspire others through the simple act of sharing great music.

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Tracklist: 1x10x100 (Harry's Music Store Mixtape)

1. You Put A Charge In My Life - Brainstorm - Funky Entertainment - Tabu - 1979 2. Let The Dollar Circulate - Billy Paul - When Love Is New - CBS - 1975 3. French Waltz - Leon Ware - Musical Massage - Gordy - 1976 4. Mocha Velvet - Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Moods and Grooves - Ju-Par - 1976 5. The Spring Suite - Rodney Franklin - In the Center - Columbia - 1978 6. Half Steppin' - Nerio DeGracia - An Evening in Luzon - NRD - 1985 7. I Think I'm Falling In Love - Leroy Hutson - Hutson II - Curtom - 1976 8. Take A Stand - Jackie Moore - With Your Love - Columbia - 1980 9. SPG Theme - Silver, Platinum, and Gold - Hollywood - Neptune - 1981 10. Hurry Down Sunset - Chocolate Milk - Milky Way - RCA Victor - 1979 11. War of the Gods - Billy Paul - War of the Gods - CBS - 1973 12. Love Makes The World Go Round - The Woods Empire - 7" single - Tabu - 1982 13. Night Room - The McCrarys - All Night Music - Capitol - 1982 14. Silly, Wasn't I - Valerie Simpson - Keep It Comin' - Tamla - 1977 15. Salsa Boogie - Nolen & Crossley - Ambience - Gordy - 1982 16. Time Is The Teacher - Dexter Wansel - Voyager - Philadelphia International - 1978 17. Let's Make A Baby - Billy Paul - When Love Is New - CBS - 1975

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One of my favorite tracks from this volume is "Love Makes the World Go Round" by The Woods Empire.

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