Tony Tam Sing "You and I"


"You and I" by Tony Tam Sing One of my all-time favorite YouTube users, ohanakamakame, is always uploading the next best Hawaiian track (He's also published Legacy's "Sun Goddess", as popularized on DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks mix).

This is my first time hearing anything off of Tony Tam Sing's legendary self-titled release.

It's cool, it's relaxing, it's soulful and folky at the same time, and I really dig the mellow bass line and percussion! Of course, vocal harmonies are a must for any great Hawaiian soul track. What do you think of this song? ohanakamakame has frequently tipped me to some good music via his Twitter stream. And I swear, what I've learned from our interactions goes to show that Japanese collectors know more about Hawaiian music than anyone else in the world! Follow him @kameishi_y and click the links even if you can't read Japanese.

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