The FINAL 70s Nightclub Reunion!


Honolulu's 70s Nightclub Reunion is having one last celebration before bowing gracefully off stage! Don't miss this show! It's the final reunion, and it's gonna be a blast! But get this: Phase VII and Aura will be performing that night! Never mind me being the youngest guy there—even if everyone will be twice my age*—this is my first and last chance to ever see these bands play live. (*Local baby boomers are lucky they lived through Hawaii's nightclub era! I really missed out. Thanks to Robin Kimura for being the mastermind behind these reunions!)


Hawaii 70s Night Club Reunion IX poster


Grand Ballroom tickets are already sold out, but tickets for the Garden Lanai are still available. After that it's standing room only. Call 808-944-4330 to order!

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