The Aura LP is back in stock with a 2021 edition repress


The 2021 vinyl repress of Aura's self-titled album returns to the original track listing and original front cover art. The album's closing track, "Can't Waste No Time", makes it back onto wax, and an updated back cover offers renewed liner notes and credits not found on the 2016 reissue.

A few quick takeaways about this 2021 edition:

  •  we're using the original album cover (except for the font 😉)
  • "Can't Waste No Time" is included on this vinyl pressing
  • Updated back cover art with renewed liner notes and credits
  • Updated label art, just for kicks!

Aura — comprised of eight siblings from the Mendoza family — remained a key figure in the nightlife scene of Hawaii of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Each tune on their 1979 LP showcases the band’s unmatched musical talent that continues to captivate listeners in the 21st century. Aura is a rare example of an album that in today’s crowded reissue landscape really does live up to its mystique.

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