"Summer" by Audy Kimura


Audy (Audwin) Kimura's "Summer" is simply beautiful, despite its aural complexity. Even with the strings, keys, percussion and guitars floating around, the song remains melodic and unpretentious from start to finish. I especially love when the electric piano or the guitar riffs at just the right moment, jumping out at you. It adds to the melody and accents Audy's soothing voice. (By the way, "Audwin" is such a cool name!) Almost incomparable in its mellowness, "Summer" could very well be the epitome of the laid-back vibes of Hawaii. I can close my eyes and imagine a handful of examples. Cruising in a car down to North Shore; waking up to tradewinds breezing through the jalousies; looking to the lush mountainside to see a misty rainbow appear; watching the sun slowly set in all its glorious colors (which is everyday). Homesickness is the worst, but if the Weather Channel is correct then this next weekend should be warm and sunny in the Pacific Northwest. I'm hoping for the best, because "Summer" is too good to be true! Enjoy this hi-fi Hawaiian sunshine, and pray that summer will never end. The wind blows cold on me today My love has left and gone away And she took the spring, winter is here to stay Her love is like a summer gone I miss the warmth of a sun I remember well, how she cast a spell on me Another love, another gone But I hope it won't be long Summer's sure to come again Another love I hope it brings to me But winter will surely turn to spring Another love it will bring Maybe this time 'round, summer will never end Summer will never end, summer will never end (P.S. Someone needs to do a bossa nova take on this song)

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