Strut Records & Aloha Got Soul: A compilation of funk, disco, AOR, and soul in Hawai‘i 1979-1985


We are extremely pleased to tell you that for that past 12 months we've been working with London's Strut Records on a compilation entitled Aloha Got Soul: Soul, AOR & Disco in Hawai‘i 1979-1985, and it hits stores worldwide in February 2016. Compiled by Roger Bong, the aptly-titled Aloha Got Soul comprises 16 tracks of inspired funk, disco, jazz and AOR recorded in Hawai‘i. The release is the first definitive compilation representing a vibrant and varied era of recordings, and we're hoping it shines a whole new light on the Hawaiian Islands’ not-so-distant music culture of the 1970s and 1980s. From Strut Records' official announcement:
The influence of Western music in Hawai‘i dates back as far as the ragtime era with the creation of hapa haole music (“half Hawaiian, half Caucasian”), but from the early 1960s with the island’s new American statehood status and the influx of rock’n’roll, a proliferation of new bands, night clubs and influential radio DJs like Tom Moffatt ushered in a boom in hybrid sounds. By the late ‘70s, the influence of bands like Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power had sparked a rich, close-knit soul scene on the islands led by jazz-funk innovators Seawind (CTI Records). Artists like Aura, Nohelani Cypriano and Mike Lundy shone brightly but relatively briefly through to the mid’-80s.
The release was compiled and annotated by Roger Bong and features rare photos, original artwork, and liner notes detailing the contemporary music scene of this era. Aloha Got Soul on Strut Records Aloha Got Soul on Strut Records Tracklist: 1. Tender Leaf – Countryside Beauty 2. Aura – Yesterday’s Love 3. ‘Āina – Your Light 4. Lemuria – Get That Happy Feeling 5. Roy & Roe – Just Don’t Come Back 6. Hawaii – Lady Of My Heart 7. Hal Bradbury – Call Me 8. Mike Lundy – Love One Another 9. Nova – I Feel Like Getting Down 10. Nohelani Cypriano – O’Kailua 11. Brother Noland – Kawaihae 12. Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys – Kona Winds 13. Greenwood – Sparkle 14. Chucky Boy Chock & Mike Kaawa With Brown Co. – Papa’a Tita 15. Steve & Teresa – Kaho’olawe Song 16. Rockwell Fukino – Coast To Coast Praise from The Vinyl Factory:
Forget everything Martin Denny taught you about Hawaii, this is the true funky sound of paradise. What could be brighter for a cold December day than the news that Honolulu’s finest reissue label Aloha Got Soul will be curating an exhaustive 16-track double LP overview of the island’s soul, disco and AOR golden age for Strut Records? With our well-being in mind, Roger Bong has picked out a collection of shimmering gems, that emerged in the late ’70s and early ’80s as the island consumed and reworked the soul and disco sounds drifting over the pacific from the United States.
Roger Bong holds his copy of the compilation, featuring autographs from the artists. Roger Bong holds his personal copy of the compilation, featuring autographs from the artists.
Learn more about the compilation here.

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