Mike Lundy's 'The Rhythm Of Life' now available worldwide


Mike Lundy's The Rhythm Of Life is finally available again in its full glory: the nine-track quintessential Hawaiian funk/soul opus that has come to represent the birth of the Aloha Got Soul record label and the rebirth of Lundy's almost forgotten masterpiece. Here's a snippet from the liner notes which expresses my feelings for this special project:

"There couldn’t have been a more perfect collaboration with which to launch the Aloha Got Soul label. Working with Mike has been a blessing. Coincidence has found us time after time along our journey. We share a mutual respect for each other’s honesty and we believe in the power of music that comes from the soul. By placing his complete trust in me to re-present his music to today’s audience, Mike has given me the confidence and experience to make Aloha Got Soul a successful record label."

You can listen to The Rhythm Of Life on most digital platforms, including but not limited to: Bandcamp, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play, and iTunes (coming soon). The vinyl has been delayed at the pressing plant, which I've learned is not uncommon. Pressing vinyl is a delicate process, and one misstep can send the entire project back to square one. The good news is you can still place your pre-order and guarantee your copy when it becomes available. We don't plan on repressing this LP, by the way. CDs are also available. When I launched the label in January 2015, I didn't anticipate doing a run of CDs. I've come to learn that CDs are still a viable format for many listeners (especially our fans in Japan where services like Spotify and Apple Music aren't yet available, and the physical CD format makes music accessible and mobile in the digital age). Shops that will be stocking CD include:
  • Rough Trade, Love Vinyl, Juno, Sounds Of The Universe, Honest Jon's, and Hungry Ear.
  • Diskunion has them as well, in addition to a special Japanese version of the CD featuring a bilingual liner notes booklet and obi-strip accompanying the release.
The Rhythm Of Life CD The Rhythm Of Life CD
This reissue has taken a significant amount of time, effort, sweat, and money to get us here, and I'm so glad we've done it because it's been a joy to work with Mike, to ensure that his music can be heard once again — this time around the world. Giving back to Mike and his music has given me a unique opportunity to bring back to life a piece of art that was almost lost. I wish I could do this for more people. The truth is that every artist deserves recognition, but so many will never get that chance. Our time on this planet is limited, and so we must make the most of what we have — my plan, therefore, is to continue to reissue and release music from Hawaii that the world needs to hear, that deserves more recognition. I might not be able to release everything I hope to, but no doubt I will do my best. The liner notes resonate this:

"In a landscape that’s been transformed by time, commercialization, and the internet, the music of Hawaii’s past is beckoning to make waves once again. I’d like to make sure this time it won’t go unnoticed.”

A lot of people from all parts have contributed to the re-release of The Rhythm Of Life. My biggest thanks goes to Cedric Bardawil for spreading Aloha Got Soul throughout Europe and strengthening the label in all aspects as well as this release! Before I write too much, let me instead share with you the Thank You's section from the liner notes:

Roger Bong would like to thank: Mike Lundy of course! and the universe’s strange way of making things happen at just the right time, Cedric Bardawil for helping to spread this music so much further than it could’ve gone on its own, Oliver Seguin for his friendship and passion for undiscovered Hawaiian music, Leimomi Acia for all her laughter, love, support and understanding, Robin Kimura, Kirk Thompson, Danny McLewin, Laura and Patrick, Mark Taylor, Jun Saito, Bill Olson and Darryn Jones, Rob Butler, Jason McMullen and Jah Gumby, Andrew Brearley, Jamie Strong, Bruce Campbell Jr., Mark Kushimi, Kevin Goto, Taylor Fujimoto, Hiko Arasaki, Endy Chen, Christian and Timo and Bevy, the good people at Hungry Ear, Jelly’s, Brendan at Requests on Maui, and everyone who’s supported Aloha Got Soul along the way. This is just the beginning.

Mike Lundy would like to thanks: Roger & Lei of ALOHA GOT SOUL for believing in my music and sharing it with the world. All the musicians, players and singers on this album who gave so much of themselves for this project. Gary Shima (original producer) and Rick Smith (original engineer) for helping me to create this, Toshi, President of Cool Sound of Japan for sharing my music with his country. Also my Ohana (Family) Cristy, Carlo, Mike jr, Jennifer, KIM who is carrying the soulful torch on through her music, Ron (my Brother) who has kept my family from the streets, Laura (Wife) & family, and to ALL of you out there near & far listening and believing!...my heart & soul are yours.....Music Heals!

On behalf of everyone behind Aloha Got Soul, I'm excited to contribute to Hawaii's music community in our own way and help to spread its music throughout the world. There are more projects on the way in 2016, we're very excited that Mike Lundy's The Rhythm Of Life has been so well received by everyone! To our long time fans and friends, thank you for your support along the way. To the fresh faces who are finding AGS for the first time, we look forward to sharing more wonderful music with you. Keep an eye out for the vinyl release by signing up for our email list.

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