Shack's Sunday Selections: Aura "I'll Make You Feel Real Good"


While I'm writing this when it's technically still Sunday in Hawaii, for the rest of the world it's already Monday. The Hawaiian Islands, as you might know, are one of the last locations to celebrate the New Year when midnight arrives—checking Instagram all day on December 31st makes me feel like the new year has already arrived 12 hours before the fireworks go off in Waikiki. Sunday nights in Hawaii are the best. Everyone else across the globe has already gone to work, is waking up for work, or is finishing a long day—all the while, Hawaii's residents are relishing in the final hours of the weekend. This is a sweet, sweet feeling, knowing that few others can enjoy the final moments of a Sunday night, and to top it off: it's Sunday in paradise. But back to Shack's selection for this Sunday—actually, before I get to that, let me send a big mahalo to Mr. Shackleford for digging into his collection to share these gems with me. It means a lot!
Aura Aura "I'll Make You Feel Real Good"
If you know Aura, you might be in for a slight challenge with this track. (If you don't Aura yet, check this). Released in the early 80s (my guess) on a private press label called Platinum Pacific (one of the reasons for my guess), "I'll Make You Feel Real Good" bounces good vibrations via an electro-funk anthem that I envision this man dropping into one of his all-vinyl boogie sets. "Real Good" is certainly different than the straight funky cuts on Aura's self-titled (and only) LP—especially when compared to "Let Me Say Dis About Dat". It's night and day, in a way, but I like all 24 hours in any given day, and I'm really into this track. Like I said, "Real Good" is quite a change from their debut album. What do you think of the track?
Aura Aura "I'll Make You Feel Real Good"
"Let's take a moment, trying to analyze, My deep emotions, I've got lots to decide, All this desire, don't know what to do, My heart is burning, my fire for you, I'm just about to let my feelings show, Ooh, let me know, If you feel the same let's make a goal, Just can't wait to show you, I'll make you feel real good (real good), I'll make you mine, I'll make you feel real good (real good), You'll last all night, I never thought that I could feel this way, Constantly thinking of you every day, You do something to me that I can't explain, Wish it was easy to hop in this flame"

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