Recap: Kalapana Vinyl Release Weekend at AGS Honolulu


Mahalo mahalo mahalo for a marvelous Sunday afternoon with Kalapana friends, fans, and family! Especially Sebastian Feary (Mackey's son) and the extended Feary ‘ohana, who arrived in full force to fill our little shop with lots of love.

Auntie Dancetta Feary (Mackey's older sister) and uncle Donnie Martin (Mackey’s best friend) shared some many incredible stories and memorabilia of Mackey and Kalapana — Donnie endlessly blowing our minds with piece after piece of history, including one his most prized items: Mackey’s drivers license, which he carries with him at all times (“that’s my boy!”).

And an extra special mahalo to the musicians who filled our space with beautiful sounds: Eli Lopez and his brother Kaia (Mackey's nephews), Summer, and Izik.

Finally, mahalo to Hawaii Lei Stand for providing the beautiful lei for our honored guests!


We'll try to upload more photos soon. In the meantime, visit our Instagram:

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