Designing a vinyl record jacket for reissue in 2021 (and 2022)

Quick Updates

When recreating album artwork for reissue, we prefer to start from scratch, with Roger Bong rebuilding the jacket piece by piece by relying on a combination of photographing the original LP, touching up the images in Photoshop, and rebuilding the text and colors with InDesign. (Check out our Catching A Wave LP for a finished example!).

In our experience, scanning original LPs rarely yields satisfactory results for modern day reproduction.

Coincidentally, when tasked with selecting the jacket’s green, orange and blue colors, Leimomi Bong discovered the solution in Pantone’s most recent Fashion Color Trend Reports for New York and London Autumn/Winter 2021/2022.

Indeed, Pantone’s Olive Branch, Tomato Cream, and Ibiza Blue were perfect. (Goes to show you that Kalapana was ahead of its time, no?)

On the back, we’ve decided to rearrange the text to bring more emphasis to the band’s four founding members, listed in the same clockwise arrangement as the front cover photo: Malani, Mackey, Kirk, and DJ.

We also added a black base/border to the back so that we could include the entirety of the instrument detail photographs without having to crop during printing. ~ The cherry and top (and probably the most surreal moment of this entire process) was adding the Aloha Got Soul logo to the back 🤩🤯

FYI, we’ll be opening pre-orders very soon... 😉

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