Phase 7 (VII) - Windjammer


While surfing a few weeks ago, I came across another Phase VII album I hadn't heard of, Windjammer. At first, I thought it read "Phase VIII". Maybe it was a spin-off/new lineup of the original Phase 7? Hmm. The cover art wasn't as intriguing Playtime either, so I gave it little attention and passed on.

Last night, I looked again and realized it really was Phase 7, not 8! (I must need glasses). Windjammer was their 2nd album, apparently. But what's a "Windjammer"? Google hadn't helped me a few weeks back... but as luck would have it, just last week YouTube user miken2av uploaded nearly 2+ hours of Phase VII performing in 1986 at where else? Aboard the Rella Mae cruiseship, operated by Windjammer Cruises Inc.! (The cruiseship operated up until the late 90s and I think is now out of service.) (Video automatically jumps to 11min 40sec for the good stuff)
Phase VII playing on Windjammer Cruises Rella Mae. Sept 1986. Rella Mae was a 1000 passenger dinner cruise ship that used to leave from pier 7 Alaoha Tower. There was a sunset cruise and a moonlight cruise. I had the awesome experience of working there during my senior year in high school. –video description
I emailed Mike, asking for more info about Phase VII and Windjammer:
The band is the same one who released the album <Playtime>. They also had a record they sold on the ship. It had the picture of the ship on it. <Windjammer> Obviously all those dinner cruise ships were targeted at tourists. Locals did go also but I would say mostly to either bring visiting relatives or to celebrate something special. Seems like it cost 40-50 dollars each if I remember right. They had an all you can eat buffet and all you can drink bar. While I worked there they actually went out two times a night. Sunset cruise that featured the show "Ports of Paradise". Then there was the moonlight cruise with "That's Dancin". The sunset cruise was most popular and during busy times would fill up regularly – 1000 people. The moonlight cruise was more of a Vegas scene. That one was more popular with locals looking to celebrate something special. As expensive as it was I would say it wasn't something that some locals went to over and over like going to a bar. The show was the same every night. The music for the dance set was pretty much the same. The ship experimented with having a sit down dinner choice also that cost more money and had better food and a private bar.
The above music probably won't impress you like Playtime does. After all, the Windjammer wasn't a nightclub, but purely showbiz entertainment. The Phase 7 guys were great entertainers, so it doesn't surprise me that they'd be doing a gig like this (Playtime is scattered with skits from the Kauai Resort Hotel). Regardless, these videos transport me to a time I never would've experienced! Below is a 2-song telethon performance with "Show Me Your Magic" and "Angels Around Us". I don't think these songs are on Windjammer, but I could be wrong. There's an introduction to the band members at 3min 35sec. Take a closer look, I think last guy they introduce was the shirtless braddah dance-fighting in the first video. Thank you miken2av for showing us the magic!!

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