Our first-ever zine has arrived: the "da kine: Summer Zine by Aloha Got Soul

In an attempt to make the most fun out of vending at the Film & Vinyl Record Swap Meet yesterday in Kaka'ako, we produced a DIY zine to give away for free. 

The "zine-brochure-poster-guide" thing offers two projects we thoroughly enjoyed making (and might've even gotten away from ourselves in the process): an "official" guide to places where you can and/or could buy records in Honolulu, and a collection of Top 5 lists from our staff. As with any zine, there's a few mistakes and typos to be found, but no mattah! 

We still have some left and will be giving them out at our shop, AGS Honolulu. Drop by for a copy. 

The swap meet event was organized by treehouse and Hungry Ear Records.

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