New release: Unreleased recordings from Mike Kahikina and Ka‘ala


Procured from two reels belonging to Mike Kahikina, these songs were part of the sessions that Kahikina and his band Ka‘ala recorded some 40+ years ago.

In 1983, two of the songs here released on Protea Records as a 7-inch single: "Ocean Rider" and "Show Me". When we restored the tapes with the help of audio engineer Jessica Thompson, we found three different versions of "Ocean Rider".

There were also two versions of "I Am A Native", both of which could easily serve as long-lost anthems, speaking just as powerfully today as they did when Kahikina and Ka‘ala first committed it to tape.

The vocal and instrumental versions of "Hawai‘i's Beautiful" were pressed to vinyl in March 2021 as AGS-047. This digital release was initially published in 2021 as part of the sound waves membership on Bandcamp. In 2024, it was re-released for the general public.

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