Muro meets Aloha Got Soul, ÆOLUS goes to Brooklyn


March 2017 marks a pair of monumental events in Aloha Got Soul's seven-year history. First, DJ Muro comes to Hawaii to meet Aloha Got Soul and spin at the three-year anniversary of Soul Time in Hawaii. Event details → Second, Robert ÆOLUS Myers heads to Brooklyn from his home in Portland, Maine, to perform his original compositions live for the first time in many years. Event details → Two major events at opposite sides of the country. I couldn't ask for a better way to usher in the spring season than with two eye-opening (game-changing?) performances like these. To say that I am honored to invite DJ Muro, the King of Diggin', to join us here in Honolulu for the three year anniversary of Soul Time in Hawaii, is an understatement. After all, it was his Hawaiian Breaks mix that sparked my initial idea to create Aloha Got Soul. My very first blog post was written in hopes of uncovering the full tracklist to his mixtape, and with the help of some new friends at the time, I accomplished that goal. I wonder if Muro ever imagined that one of his mixtapes would spark the beginnings of a project such as this? I'll have to ask him when he's here. The last time Muro did a gig in Hawaii was probably 2008? That was a long time ago — and a year before he released his Hawaiian Breaks mixtape in 2009. Maybe he found some serious local gems while digging in Hawaii during that trip? I'll ask him when he's here. The veteran Japanese hip-hop pioneer, DJ extraordinaire, and collector of rare records will be spinning strictly vinyl with us at Bevy in Kaka‘ako, on Saturday, March 25th. Entry is free (as always!). And guess what: March 25 is also DJ Muro's birthday. What are the odds? soul-time-h-03-2017-yellow And then, five days later in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the man known as ÆOLUS descends upon the neighborhood's intimate performance space Magick City to enlighten listeners to his original compositions, played live before an audience for the first time in many years. Joining ÆOLUS are percussionist Jan Jeffries and visual artist Liam Little. Here's what Magick City has to offer: the space is "acoustically sublime. Theater curtains surround the event space dampening errant echoes. The wood floor was reclaimed from the legendary Roseland Ballroom bringing with it 80 years of New York history and good times. Klipschorn “K-horns” are the featured speakers powered by a McIntosh MC 2300 600W amplifier supplying a warm, clear, and luxurious wash of sound. Aldo powered PA speakers hang from the corners for microphone vocals during live music performances..." For those of you who can attend this event, do it, because a unique Aloha Got Soul event like this doesn't happen often. aeolus-retrospective-flyer-v2-web

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DJ Muro comes to Hawaii. Event details → ÆOLUS performs in Brooklyn. Event details →

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