Mike Lundy & Maryanne Ito: live in concert February 16th, 2024


Mark your calendars:

Mike Lundy returns to the stage with his first live performance in six years, with a double headliner featuring Maryanne Ito. The event is free and family friendly — held on Friday, February 16th at the Capitol Modern in downtown Honolulu, from 6pm to 9pm.

Yes—Mike Lundy, LIVE! 🎉

And—with Maryanne Ito! 🥳

Joining Mike Lundy's band is Joelene, whose latest release on AGS is a collab 7-inch with Your Song Is Good. She'll provide the backing vocals on several of Mike's standout originals.

Maryanne Ito's backing band includes two musicians from her Live At The Atherton album: Dae Han and Gilbert Batangan.

Mike Lundy & Maryanne Ito
Friday, February 16th
6pm ~ 9pm
Capitol Modern (formerly the Hawaii State Art Museum)
free & open to the public

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