Mackey Feary Band "Powerslide" (Full Version)


Back when Mackey Feary split from Kalapana to form his own band, Hawaii's music scene was reaching incredible heights with new releases from talented artists. The debut LP from Macky Feary Band is certainly one of the greatest examples of the era, fueled by influences from all over the spectrum: jazz, funk, Latin, and soul. After recording the album in near secrecy with his group—band members weren't allowed to tell anyone about the project—Mackey Feary launched his solo album to acclaim. Just one thing: the people had no idea it was Mackey they were hearing! The story goes like this: to help promote Mack's new record, a local radio station held a little contest. The DJ would play a mystery song from an anonymous artist and listeners would have to guess who it is. "Powerslide" was chosen as the mystery song. And when the DJ played "Powerslide" in its full glory*, listeners had no idea who it could be! People even called in asking if it was Santana's newest album. Nope. This is Mackey Feary and his band. Believe it! (*The CD reissue of the Macky Feary Band album features a 3-minute version of "Powerslide".)

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