Loyal Garner "If This Was Your Last Song"


"If This Was Your Last Song" by Loyal Garner

Loyal Garner was one of Hawaii's most beloved singers.

She embodied the spirit of aloha and soul of Hawaii. Her nickname was "Lady of Love". "If This Was Your Last Song" is a ballad from Loyal's self-titled album Loyal Garner, released on Paradise Records (SLP 814), circa 1984-1985. The LP is sometimes referred to as the S/T white album and features several great tracks, including "Destiny" and "Love Me Slowly". Loyal's first hit was "Blind Man in the Bleachers." She was also part of the group Local Divas, which includes Nohelani Cypriano, Carole Kai, and Melveen Leed. The group continues to perform today with the memory of Loyal still with them. Loyal Garner died from colon cancer on November 15, 2001.

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