Local Music on I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021)

We're proud to announce that an eclectic, electrifying mix of music made in Hawaii made it into Amazon Studios' 2021 series, I Know What You Did Last Summer

Filming for the show began in January 2021, which is around when we caught wind of the project. From the outset, the show's music supervisor, Alison Rosenfeld-Moses expressed interest in showcasing new music and modern artists from Hawaii, with room for throwback and vintage tracks here and there. We recognized it as an exciting opportunity to help new sounds from the islands find its way into a production like this.

Keep an ear out for Gordon Broad’s late 1960s ode to the Waikiki (concrete) jungle, the Ragamuffs' tons-of-fun indie rock jams, Steve Ma‘i‘i’s CD-only 2000s project Blue Makaha, and the unstoppable Likkle Jordee and Pana.

It’s been a months long process, and we’re excited to witness the final results. Special thanks to Emilee Booher for helping us land some of these tracks!

Running an indie record label has its perks, this is one of them! Here’s to getting more local music into projects like these!

Learn more about our music licensing efforts here.

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