Kalapana’s 1975 debut album returns to vinyl on March 25th


We're celebrating the music of Hawaii’s favorite contemporary music group, Kalapana, with an official vinyl reissue of the band’s self-titled debut album, Kalapana.

The vinyl reissue will be available on Friday, March 25th. 

In 1975, four young musicians forever changed Hawaii with their unique sound. Together as Kalapana, singers Mackey Feary and Malani Bilyeu, guitarist David John Pratt, and keyboardist Kirk Thompson fused rock, pop, R&B, jazz, and soul to create their classic long-playing album, Kalapana. The music was a cross between electric and acoustic, and it provided the perfect soundtrack to a modern 1970s Hawaii. 

Over the years, the band toured globally and enjoyed numerous hits on local and international radio. They recorded more than a dozen albums, each with a slightly varying lineup of musicians, but always as Kalapana. Some of the band’s most legendary concerts include a max-capacity Aloha Stadium concert with Cecilio & Kapono and Summer in 1976, and an acclaimed reunion concert at the Waikiki Shell in 1984. 

However, their road to success wasn’t always smooth. For more than four decades, the band never received any royalties from their manager, nor did they own the rights to their music. It wasn’t until 2017 that they finally took action. With the help of a Los Angeles-based music lawyer, Evan Cohen, the remaining members of the group formed a partnership, Kalapana Music, and sued their former manager, successfully getting their rights — and their royalties — back. Since then, their music has been released digitally and on CD through Kalapana Music.

Aloha Got Soul’s vinyl LP reissue of Kalapana has been officially licensed from the Kalapana Music partnership. Royalties from the sale of each vinyl record will be paid to Kalapana Music, and therefore the members of the band and the heirs of members who’ve passed away (Mackey passed in 1999; Malani in 2018; and David John in 2021) will receive royalties.

The vinyl LP will be available on classic black vinyl, and a transparent clear vinyl.

Fans can purchase the vinyl from Aloha Got Soul’s website, its brick-and-mortar record shop located at King Street and McCully Ave, as well as from other local record shops. 

“We’re honored to contribute to Kalapana’s legacy in this unique way,” says Aloha Got Soul’s owner, Roger Bong. “Vinyl records might be considered niche, but they act as a bridge between the past and the present — something that digital isn’t always able to achieve.” Every copy of the vinyl record will include printed liner notes with information about the band’s history, biographies of each member, production credits, and song lyrics.

In addition to the vinyl, Kalapana Music has given Aloha Got Soul permission to design and produce official band merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, stickers, and more. Royalties from the sale of all merchandise will also be paid to the band’s Kalapana Music partnership. 

“Merch is another way to celebrate Kalapana’s legacy”, says the label’s designer, Micah McDermott. “With the designs, we wanted to create items that appeal to both old and new generations, just like the music.”

Aloha Got Soul will host a weekend-long “release party” from March 25th to 27th at their record shop, located at 2017 S. King Street. The weekend festivities will include official merchandise for sale, disc jockeys spinning Kalapana-related vinyl records, and a chance to hang with some of the ‘ohana and original band members. The shop is open from 12-6pm, with the event taking place from March 25th to 27th. 

Purchase the vinyl here.


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