On Kalapana: Izik performs "Nightbird" live at AGS Honolulu and talks about Kalapana's influence on him

Following an intimate in-store performance at AGS Honolulu, we asked modern R&B artist, Izik, to tell us more about Kalapana's influence on him and his music. (Scroll down for his acoustic cover of "Nightbird", recorded live at AGS Honolulu on Sunday, March 27, 2022.)

1. What is your all-time favorite Kalapana track? Why do you love it?
My all-time favorite Kalapana song is “Nightbird”.  I grew up hearing that song so many times but it wasn’t until I started covering it at my gigs that I really fell in love with it. Seeing and singing the lyrics really made me aware of how great songwriting can penetrate the physical and emotional bodies. I remember almost crying at a gig when I sang the line “but loneliness can dull the shine of even the bright moonlight”. Their lyrics just hit different once you’ve lived a life full of ups and downs. 
2. How has Kalapana and their music influenced you as an artist?
The way they’re able to sing about such sad/heavy things while simultaneously making keeping the music upbeat/dreamy is really inspiring. A lot of the times when I’m listening to Kalapana, if I’m not paying attention to the lyrics, the songs feel light hearted and easy. The duality of their songs inspire me as a songwriter to be multidimensional in my storytelling. 
3. Tell us your best classic Kalapana story — whether you knew the band personally, met them in person, or are just a fan of their music.

When I was first coming up in the music scene here in Hawai’i, I met DJ Pratt when I filmed “Pakele Live” at Willows restaurant. After we were done filming, DJ came up to me and told me I had one of the best voices he’s ever heard. His kindness really left a good impression on me and I’ll never forget how it reminded me to never give up and to follow my path in music. 



Filmed by Max High

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